Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sleepdeprivation and other updates!

Brady had two doctors appointments this week. One with his regular pediatrician and another with a dermatologist about his rash. Ryan ventured out with both kids and I am happy to report is still alive. While with the pediatrician Allie had to "go potty" (she really has to go only when the attention is on her brother). The Dr. told Ryan to go ahead and take her and he would stay with Brady. Well , apparently that did not go so well and our pediatrician had a little refresher course on the importance of forming attachments - Brady screamed his little head off, refusing to let the doc anywhere near him. Poor thing!

So - the stats are he gained a whole 5 ounces...better than nothin, right?!? The Dr. wants us to continue feeding him Pediasure and seperate, more fatty meals as he's still not close to being on the charts. Both he and the dermatologist feel his rashes are from an extreme case of eczema. I've been questioning it because it's SO bad - he still wakes up scratching like crazy and breaks out after eating. His body looks like it's covered in chicken pox. today to fill more prescriptions. Brady is continuing to wake numerous times throughout the night - typically 9 - 12 times a night - once or twice an hour. It has made for some long days.

We had Brady's first professional pics taken last weekend - they turned out very cute and both kids did really well - will post them when I have them back. I also completed a photobook through shutterfly called "Bringing Home Brady: From Russia with Love" (if interested you can see it at Just copy and paste this click on "View Photo Book" and then "Slideshow").


Michael and Carrie said...

Amy-I'm glad to hear that Brady is gaining a little wait and that they determined the cause of his rash. I hope he starts to sleep at night, too. It sounds like he is still adjusting to the time difference!

Your slide show book is wonderful! Did you get a hard copy of the book? You did a great job, and I know you will treasure it forever and that Brady will love to look at it as he gets older!

Carey and Norman said...

Sorry to hear about the rash. I hope that the doctors can find the cause soon. I know the sleepless nights aren't easy. Thanks for sharing the photos. They are so sweet and you did a wonderful job putting it together!

Aaron & Dana Craven said...

I love the book! This turned out awesome! I hope Brady starts to feel better, poor thing.

MandyJo013078 said...

i hope to hear that the rash gets better soon! Poor little guy - maybe the sleep will get better as the rash gets better? I hope so for your sake! I'm glad to hear that the attachment with Brady is going well. I mean it's great that he cried when left with the doctor although I'm sure it was tough for him it's good to know that he is attaching to the family!
Also the book that you made on shutterfly is wonderful! What a treasure for your family! I did a book like that of our family from this year for my grandparents and I think they enjoyed them very much!

Patti said...

Glad to hear Brady's gaining weight! I sure hope the eczema improves. He would probably sleep better if that would clear up. I can't wait to look at the Shutterfly photos.

Joy said...

The photobook is beautiful. I know that is one that you keep close to your heart forever. I just love the way these photobooks turn out.

Jane and Jim said...

I'm soooo glad he's gained a little weight. I've been thinking about the little guy!
Hopefully, once his body gets used to all of the different foods, his rashes will decrease.

The book is adorable - excellent idea!