Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our newest addition...

I wanted to take a moment to post that 8 days ago little Owen welcomed the world a little early. We are so thrilled however he has had a fight for his little life. He was airlifted and is in ICU in a hospital a few hours from our home. You can read the story and follow this new journey at:


Thursday, July 9, 2009

So...want an update?

Rumor has it a few of you still check back to this blog so I dusted off some cobwebs and am finally back to update and hopefully get reconnected with a few fellow adoptees. First, a Brady update:

At a recent Dr. visit Brady's height measured in the 50th percentile and weighed in the 7th percentile (an improvement since a year ago he was barely on the charts). He is a healthy little man who apparently has a metabolism I would love!

He had received speech and OT services through the school district but only is in need of occassional speech services now - he is talking up a storm!

Brady's rash is nearly gone (you may recall he had a rash all over his body when we came home).

We are no longer considering him lactose intolerant...he loves cheese and tolerates it well

He is in love with the outdoors - so much that we are putting up a fence as he also likes to run and sometimes a bit too far.

We have some of course challenges also - Brady still wakes up with nightmares and struggles in larger settings which often overstimulate him. We have tried him in small group activities like swimming lessons and gymnastics but he appears not quite ready for those yet. Overall he is doing very well and we cannot imagine our lives without him.

At the moment both Brady and his sister are extremely excited about our largest family change...a new baby! We are expecting our third little one in September!

I am due in late September although the doctors feel it may be earlier (I am measuring well ahead of schedule...1o weeks ahead). We are thrilled and cannot wait to welcome our third child! This is partially the reason for the delayed post (after so many pregnancy complications the first time around we wanted to wait). So please forgive the lack of posts and I will do my best to be better at it. Hope all is well with all of you!