Saturday, May 24, 2008

Still Scratchin Our Heads

Thank you for all the support and comments since our last update. It is appreciated so much. Brady's pediatrician calls him a "puzzle". We are on a waiting list to see a specialist but addittional testing (including that for Celieac disease) turned out nothing abnormal. We are happy that he is a happy child and have faith that we will at some point have an answer as we continue with bi-weekly appointments.

We are finally enjoying some great weather up here and I am looking forward to the summer months with the kids. Today we broke out a t-ball set and Brady loved it. Funny though because he uses the bat as a hockey stick. When we were at the orphange he played with the hockey sticks the whole time and it is the only thing he will watch on tv. Mabcy a sign of things to come. I leave with some pictures and a wish for a very enjoyable Memorial day!

Friday, May 9, 2008


So - let me start with an "I'm Sorry" for not posting sooner. I know I have some explaining to do (see below) but I want to say that we have purposely kept some of the things we have been struggling with from this blog as we wanted to have some answers first and have struggled to talk about it with even those closest to us.

A few weeks ago we took Brady in to meet with his pediatrician as he was (and still is) to be frank - pooping...a lot - literally 6-10 times a day - really, every time after he eats. We ran a lot more tests and then had one of those doctor and patient moments you see on tv (where the doctor says he needs to tell you something and sits behind a desk). Initially it appeared that Brady had Cystic Fibrosis - very scarey since we had not of course been treating this. We went to Fargo to have some testing done for a couple days and then had some other bloodwork tested at the Mayo clinic in addittion to our clinic here. We were talked to by doctors and specialists about what this may mean - including discussions about how long we should expect him to live! This was clearly very difficult for us - we relived a time in our lives when we were told our daugthter may not make it only days after her birth. It was a very emotional month and I am very happy to say we now have the test results and they are negative. Unfortunately however we still have no answers about why Brady is LOOSING weight! This has been troubling to our pediatrican and of course to us as he is now only 19 pounds at almost two - almost 2 pounds lighter since we brought him home! He is eating, we cook him seperate meals that are full of fat and protein but have had no luck. We were back into the clinic a couple of days ago and they are doing another round of tests (some of them for the third time). Our poor little man doesn't even flinch anymore when they bring that needle out.

So - that is our Brady update (medically anyway). He is otherwise well -a very happy little guy full of energy. I promise to update the blog more often. Until recently I could hardly talk about this without breaking down and sobbing. I knew once we posted this we opened ourselves up to questions and I have struggled to make it though a workday so did not feel I could quite handle that.